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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost me ?
We charge a service fee of R345 on top of the licence renewal fee charged by the authorities. Check the fees schedule Click Here to renew your disk
What if my disk expired already ?
The Licensing Authority will add a penalty to the price of your disc which is 10% for each month that it is overdue.We will still renew your licence. Your invoice will then include the licence cost, the penalty and the service fee.
How long does it take ?
Once payment is confirmed , it takes 2 - 7 days.
What happens if I have traffic fines ?
If you have fines that are blocking the renewal of your licence, e.g. warrant of arrest or enforcement order, the you needs to pay the fines before the licence disk can be issued.
What happens if lose my licence disk ? Do I pay the full amount?
No you do not pay a full amount. You only pay a pro-rata fee, the date from which the disk was issued until the current date. You only pay for the time you actually had the disk.

So when you apply for a new license your for your vehicle you’ll then acquire a licence whose expiry date will be a year from the current date.